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SIAA Newsletter: 10 June 2022

Jun 10, 2022


SIAA’s Southern Space Newsletter: 10 June 2022

Industry News

DSTG contract with Airbus UK for Resilient Multi-Mission Space STaRShot: DSTG have posted $15m of contracts with Airbus UK to procure satellites and services for the RMS StarShot Program. This confirms the selection of Airbus as the DSTG partner on the five-year program, which aims to launch four satellite missions of up to 200kg.


Launch Date Announced: SIAA member Equatorial Launch Australia has confirmed that the first of three NASA sounding rocket launches will be on 26 June. 75 NASA employees will be in Australia for the launch of a sounding rocket that will conduct several scientific investigations during its sub-orbital flight. ELA is currently in discussions with nine other major rocket companies and is seeking to carry out at least two more launches this year. Read more about the significance of this launch for the Australian space industry from SIAA Director Professor Melissa De Zwart here.


Deloitte Gravity Challenge Winners Announced: SIAA Foundation Member Deloitte has announced the winners of Gravity Challenge 04. The Gravity Challenge is a global space innovation program facilitated by Deloitte that promotes the use of space technology to solve real-world problems and is open to corporates, entrepreneurs and universities.


Artemis Accords: France has become the 20th nation to sign the US-led Artemis Accords. The President of the French space agency (CNES) Philippe Baptiste acknowledged that in signing the Artemis Accords France has ‘drawn inspiration from the success of the International Space Station, and we are now entering a new chapter in human exploration’.


Electro Optic Systems: SIAA Foundation Member EOS has announced the appointment of Mr Shane Geisler as its inaugural Chief Information Officer. Mr Geisler will work to align EOS’s ICT strategies with corporate objectives, modernise ICT operations and adopt a defensive stance in response to evolving cyber-security threats.


Blacktree Technology: SIAA member has been selected to support the Australian Defence Force’s Narrowband – Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Satellite Communication System in a $36 million, 5-year sustainment contract. Blacktree Technology Managing Director Joe Nevin said the contract was a win for both Blacktree Technology and the highly capable sovereign defence industry.


Solid Rocket Booster contract: SIAA Foundation Member Northrop Grumman has confirmed it received a contract worth over $2 billion to produce solid rockets motors for United Launch Alliance. The boosters will be used for the Atlas 5 and Vulcan Center launch vehicles, with Northrop Grumman preparing to upgrade its manufacturing facilities as it plans to produce more than 75 motors per year.


New Space Tech Hub: EY and Swinburne University of Technology have partnered to launch a Space Tech Hub after the university was awarded over $3 million from EY’s Global Strategic Innovation Fund. The hub will see four EY partners lead a 15 person staff comprised of scientists and specialists in AI, data and analytics. The hub will focus on downstream space activity, working on increasing capacity to better respond to natural disasters and climate change, adopting space technology to manage and operate critical infrastructure and assets for EY and develop solutions to address problems around climate and land management, logistics and defence.


UK Pathfinder Mission: SIAA Foundation member Lockheed Martin and launch partner ABL Space Systems have announced that they will move the launch of the Pathfinder mission to the first quarter of 2023, allowing the companies to manage launch vehicle and spaceport maturation as well as license application approvals. This will potentially be the first-ever vertical launch to orbit from Britain, with micro launch startup and competition Orbex planning their own vertical launch from Britain at the end of 2022 or early 2023.


Replacing UK Space-Based Capability: SIAA member Inmarsat will lead to group of local companies in creating an alternative to the European Geostationary Overlay Service (EGNOS) which is used for GPS augmentation and improvement in Europe. In the interim, Inmarsat has begun beaming a test navigation signal from its satellite to replace space-based capability that the UK lost access to following Brexit.


Starlink: SpaceX has announced that it will not take Starlink public until 2025 or later. This announcement follows news that SpaceX’s broadband network has once again received permission to operate in France following an extended national public consultation. Starlink broadband services were further approved in Mozambique, Nigeria and the Philippines last month, expanding the satellite broadband network to Africa and South East Asia for the first time.



Industry Opportunities

2022 Call for Nominations for the Positions of IAF Elective Officers: The International Astronautical Federation has opened nominations for Elective Officers to serve on the IAF Bureau. Volunteer officers are elected to serve one, three-year, non-consecutive term and are nominated by an IAF Member Organisation, with nominees representing the organisation they are nominated by. In addition to being nominated by an IAF member organisation, nominees must provide a CV/Biography and one page motivation letter. In addition to being an IAF Member Organisations, SIAA is currently bidding to host IAC 2025 in Sydney.

For more information, please email



Job Opportunities

Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, D2 

The Director will be responsible for directing all activities of the Office for Outer Space Affairs, ensuring that such activities are carried out in accordance with the mandates of the General Assembly, the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), and the established policies of the United Nations. The position is located at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in Vienna, Austria. UNOOSA manages and implements the Programme on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which focusses on strengthening international cooperation in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space and advancing the use of space science and technology for achieving sustainable development.

To read more about the role or view more space industry job opportunities visit SIAA’s Southern Space Jobs Board.

SIAA members can advertise job positions for free on the Southern Space Jobs board. For more information, please email


Australasia Satellite Forum 2022

When: 14-15 June

Where: Fullerton Hotel, Sydney

The forum gathers domestic and global satellite leaders to address issues urgent to governments, military, telecom operators, broadcasters, enterprises and end user entities. SIAA will be attending the forum to engage with other attendees.


SA Aerospace and Informaton Warfare Forum

When: Wednesday 22 June 9am – 6pm ACST

Where: Adelaide Convention Centre

Hosted by Defence SA, in collaboration with the Department for Trade and Investment and the Defence Teaming Centre, the forum focuses on the South Australian aerospace and information warfare sector and the future direction of defence sector strategy. The forum also showcases current projects and opportunities for local defence industry.

Register for the SA forum here



Upcoming Events

Advancing Earth Observation Forum

When: 22-26 August

Where: The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

The inaugural Advancing Earth Observation Forum seeks to engage individuals, businesses, organisations and students to increase Australian awareness of EO communities and their needs. Sessions will capture government, industry and research perspectives on EO to foster discussions on how to increase Australian national EO capability. This forum further incorporates the national Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Remote Sensing (UAS4RS) conference to present and discuss the use of this technology for remote sensing applications and information extraction.

Register for the EO forum here



SIAA Member Profile: Blacktree Technology 

Blacktree Technology design, engineer, procure, manufacture, install and maintain a variety of RF systems for military and commercial use. With experience operating in urban, remote and harsh contexts, Blacktree supports government and defence customers with solutions provided on Australian owned and managed infrastructure. Blacktree offers customers a wide range of RF systems and products, end-to-end services to deliver UHF Satcom Helical Antenna systems as well as ongoing system monitoring and management.

Blacktree Technology is partnered with NBN to provide Business Satellite Service needs to remote and offshore areas via two satellites. The company is also part of a consortium supporting Northrop Grumman in their JP9102 bid.

The Space Industry of Australia (SIAA)

The Space Industry of Australia is the national peak body for the space industry in Australia,
representing more than 600 members. Formed in 1992, SIAA hosted the 2017 International Astronautical
Congress in Adelaide which led to the establishment of the Australian Space Agency in 2018. SIAA and
its member companies work closely with Australian governments, international partners, academia, and
industry to advance Australia’s space industry and economy.