Privacy Policy

The Space Industry Association of Australia Limited (SIAA) complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the
Australian Privacy Principles, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) when dealing
with personal information.

This Privacy Policy details how SIAA collects and uses personal information and how an individual may
contact SIAA for any queries or complaints in relation to privacy.

Under the Privacy Act 1998, personal information means any information or opinion about an individual
whose identity is apparent or reasonably ascertained from that
information or opinion. Examples of personal information include a person’s name, email address, phone number and profession.

SIAA collects and uses two types of personal information:

1) Personal information related to representatives or contacts of space related organisations or entitieswhich are or are to be listed in the Australian Space Capability Database and

2) Personal information related to SIAA members.

Personal information related to organisations or entities

SIAA works to develop the Australian space industry through promoting government, commercial, industry
and research cooperation and collaboration. An effective contribution to this mission is SIAA’s Australian
Space Capability Database (‘the database’).

Necessary for SIAA’s activity in relation to the database is the collection of information about organisations
or entities within organisations with space related expertise in Australia. Each entry within the database
contains a variety of information about the organisation including the names and contact details of up to six
key personnel who are associated with that organisation or entity. This information relating to key personnel
as well as other identifying details (such as being associated with the particular space-related organisation
listed in the database) may constitute personal information.

The primary purpose of any personal information collected in relation to the database is to make SIAA
members and Australian space related organisations aware of a selection of individuals holding a significant
or specific role within other space related entities or organisations, primarily as a point of contact.

SIAA encourages organisations that wish to be included in the database to enter and update their own

Where practicable, SIAA collects personal from the individual to whom that information belongs. SIAA may
collect details of an organisation’s key personnel from publicly available sources (such as an organisation’s
website). Where SIAA obtains personal information from non-public sources, SIAA takes reasonable steps
as soon as practicable to ensure that the key personnel is aware of any personal information added to the
database and that they have the opportunity to amend, add or withdraw that personal information.

Personal information related to organisations or entities

a) SIAA directors and members

b) Any organisation or entity that enters, or makes a request to SIAA for its details to be entered in the database

c) Any organisation or individual approved by the SIAA for purposes that are in line with the SIAA’s objects and mission and

d) Any other user of the database.

Personal information relating to key personnel is not accessible to overseas entities unless:

a) those overseas entities are organisations contained within the database or

b) providing access is required by law or

c) an overseas organisation accesses the database.

Personal information relating to key personnel may be accessed, updated or removed at any time by the individual or the organisation to which the individual belongs. If your personal information is listed under key personnel and you wish it be removed or amended, please contact us as set out below.

Personal information relating to SIAA members

If Australian space-related organisations wish to take full advantage of SIAA’s services, they may decide to become SIAA members.

In applying to become an SIAA member, an individual named on the application must approve the application on the organisation’s behalf.

Pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001, SIAA must hold a registry of SIAA members. This registry must include personal information such as the member’s name and address.

Further to the requirements under the Corporations Act, the personal information related to an individual applying on behalf of an entity to become an SIAA member is limited to:

a) Name

b) Title

c) Entity which the individual is applying on behalf of

d) Position within the entity

e) Contact phone number and

f) Contact email address.

SIAA also records the email contacts of up to five further key personnel of the applying entity and other data relating to members for the purpose of accounting for membership fees, reminding members to renew their membership and direct marketing.

An individual making an application on behalf of an entity to become a SIAA member may submit the individual’s personal postal address rather than that of the entity’s. Where it is evident this has occurred, SIAA will not include the personal postal address on the database unless consent is received from that individual.

As well as space-related entities, SIAA also encourages individuals to apply for membership. When an individual applies for membership, the following personal information must be submitted to SIAA:

a) Name

b) Title

c) Profession or field of study

d) Employer or affiliated institution

e) Postal address

f) Contact phone number and

g) Contact email address.

Where an entity is an SIAA member, SIAA uses the associated personal information for membership purposes and for the capability database.

Where an individual is a SIAA member, SIAA uses the associated personal information for membership purposes only.

Unless otherwise required by law, personal information collected for membership purposes only is available exclusively to the following:

a) SIAA administration (including staff, board members and certain volunteers and contractors)

b) Other SIAA members

c) Individuals to whom that personal information belongs and

d) Third parties for the purposes of surveys or quality control etc. (see below).

Personal information relating to SIAA members not in the database is not disclosed to overseas entities unless disclosure is required by law.

The purpose of collecting personal information in relation to membership is to enable the SIAA to administer its records and to notify SIAA members of news and information relevant to SIAA’s objectives and mission.

SIAA does not adopt a government-related identifier of an individual as its own identifier of the individual unless otherwise required by law.

Personal information and SIAA notifications to members

A condition of SIAA membership is the consent for SIAA to use personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Direct marketing involves using or disclosing personal information directly with an individual to promote goods or services.

The personal information SIAA uses for direct marketing purposes is submitted by SIAA members upon application for membership.

Personal information provided by organisational members can be used in direct marketing by SIAA.

Personal information provided by individual members can also be used for direct marketing.

Examples of SIAA engaging in direct marketing could include notifying SIAA members of:

a) Goods or services marketed by SIAA

b) Goods or services marketed by members and

c) Goods or services marketed by other entities in line with SIAA’s objectives and mission.

Direct marketing will most commonly be in the form of emails from the SIAA.

In accordance with the Spam Act 2003, SIAA engages in commercial electronic messaging if goods or services are advertised or promoted in a message.

A condition of SIAA membership is that you consent receiving commercial electronic messages from the SIAA, unless you withdraw that consent by contacting the SIAA as set out below.

SIAA uses its best endeavours to ensure that all personal information is up to date and correct including personal infornation used in direct marketing.

You may at any time unsubscribe or opt out of receiving SIAA direct marketing as set out below.

Accessing your personal information

Where SIAA holds personal information about an individual, that individual may request access to any of his or her personal information held by SIAA.

SIAA is not obliged to provide the individual access to their personal information where there is otherwise a conflict with the Privacy Act or Australian Privacy Principles (examples include personal information related to legal proceedings, unlawful means of access etc.).

If at any time you wish your personal information to be removed from SIAA’s database or records, please contact us as set out below.

Sensitive information

Sensitive information includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, memberships of professional or trade associations and political affiliation.

Sensitive information is not required for membership or database purposes.

SIAA may invite SIAA members to complete surveys or provide feedback. Such endeavours will be optional to SIAA members and may require the collection of sensitive information. Where an individual or representative of a member entity submits sensitive information it will only be accessible to SIAA administration and, where a third party conducts a survey, the third party.

Where possible, SIAA aims to collect sensitive information in a manner which does not identify an individual.

SIAA does not provide access of sensitive information to other SIAA members or to users of the database.

Making a complaint

Any privacy complaints, concerns or questions should be emailed to SIAA’s Privacy Officer at:
Should you wish to make a complaint, please clearly set out the following details in your email:

1) Your name and contact details

2) Whether you are a SIAA member and

3) Your privacy concern or complaint.

The SIAA Privacy Officer will investigate your complaint or concern and contact you as soon as practicable to report on the progress of that investigation. Messages for SIAA’s Privacy Officer may be left by phone on (08) 8229 2444.

Contacting SIAA

For general purposes, the SIAA’s contact details are:


Mail address:
National Space Industry Hub
4 Cornwallis St
Eveleigh NSW 2015

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