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Welcome to the
Space Industry Association
of Australia
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The Space Industry Association of Australia (formerly the Australian Space Industry Chamber of Commerce) is a national organisation formed to promote the growth of the Australian space industry. We speak with authority and credibility on behalf of our members on policy and commercial issues connected with the Australian space industry.  

The SIAA takes a leading role in advising government on behalf of the space industry. We also provide a forum to promote networking and collaboration among members. Through meetings and events held in various Australian locations, we engage with our members to devise and communicate policies to support the development of the Australian space industry. We actively promote and facilitate commercial, industrial and research opportunities for our members nationally and internationally.

We also harness the skills and expertise of our membership to address issues of common concern to corporations, businesses and individuals involved in, or seeking to become involved in, the benefits of the space sector in Australia and internationally.

By adding your support, SIAA can represent your views and provide you with information, expertise and advice that is timely and relevant to your business development needs and concerns.  Become a member today! 

You can download our brochure and membership form in PDF format here.


Updates from the SIAA:
27 November 2015
SIAA Executive Council for 2016 Elected
4 November 2015
Space industry welcomes review of Space Activities Act
21 August 2015
First SIAA White Paper published:
'SBAS: Critical Infrastructure for all Australians'
14 August 2015
SIAA Statement on Assistant Treasurerís Comments on ABCís Q&A Program, Monday 11 August 2015
17 June 2015
Tiros Space Information Bulletin now available for download
3 June 2015
Giant Magellan Telescopeís International Partners Approve Start of Construction Phase
3 June 2015
Giant Magellan Telescopeís International Partners Approve Start of Construction Phase
14 May 2015
See photos from IAC2017 Logo Launch
14 May 2015
First Stages of the International Astronautical Congress Announced
  19 February 2015
Officeholders for 2015 elected
19 February 2015
SIAA Member Only Workshop

Launching Australian Cubesats Ė Reviewing the Regulatory Regime
18 December 2014
SIAA Annual Distinguished Lecture:
The UK Space Transformation
- Lessons for Australia

now available on-line
Click here
2 December 2014
Read the final SIAA submission to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Spectrum Review here
27 November 2014
SIAA Executive Council for 2015 Elected
3 October 2014
IAC 2017 to be held in Adelaide, Australia
29 September 2014
International Astronautical Federation to vote on Australia's bid to host IAC2017 this week!
Click here to visit the bid website
5 July 2014
SIAA launches Young Professionals Australian Space Industry Experience Survey
Click here for details
27 May 2014
SIAA Space Industry Forum:
Recent Developments in Australian Space
ARRC Building, CSIRO, Kensington, Perth
28 April 2014
SIAA lodges bid to host IAC2017
Click here to visit the bid website  
13 February 2014
SIAA announces Australian Bid to Host the 2017 International Astronautical Congress
22 November 2013
New Executive Council for SIAA elected at AGM
21 October 2013
'The Australian Space Industry - Where to from here?'
SIAA Space Industry Forum, University of New South Wales
Thursday 14 November at 5.00 pm
11 July 2013
SIAA introduces one year's complimentary  membership  for Young Professionals
5 July 2013
Media Release - Chair of the UNís Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Committee delivers inaugural SIAA Distinguished Lecture in Adelaide
5 July 2013
Media Release - Space Week launches in Adelaide
28 June 2013
'World Trends in the Industrialisation of Space Activities'
Dr Yasushi Horikawa, Chair of UNCOPUOS, to deliver Inaugural SIAA Distinguished Lecture -
Adelaide Thursday, 11July 2013
9 April 2013
Launch of National Space Utilisation Policy

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