The SmartSat AI for Space Applications Research Network – applications now open

A message from the SmartSat CRC:

“The SmartSat CRC mission is to develop capability and technologies that will make communication, remote sensing and space systems more ‘intelligent’. It will achieve this through its AI community co-inventing and developing the next generation of AI technologies for space applications. We will invest in R&D to catapult our AI research community to world prominence.

To this end we would like to bring together our researchers (both from our research and industry partner organisations) to form ‘The SmartSat AI for Space Applications Research Network’.

This network will be led by our AI Theme Leader, Professor Clinton Fookes, working together with the Chief Research Officer, the Industry Director, our three Program Directors and I to identify and develop AI projects and doctoral research topics that the SmartSat CRC will fund to achieve our mission. 

Membership in this network will be on the basis of current and world-class research activity in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The first step of the ‘The SmartSat AI for Space Applications Research Network’ will be to identify its current capability and augment this through appointments as well as national and international partnerships.”

If you are interested in applying for membership to the ‘The SmartSat AI for Space Research Network’ please complete this application form.

Smartsat Crc Visiting Distinguished Speaker Series Dr Dan Hannan