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SIAA Comments in The Australian: Unified space strategy update to shape defence space R&D

Apr 8, 2022


Read SIAA CEO James Brown’s comments in The Australian:

“While civil expenditure on Australia’s space economy will eventually predominate, Defence currently plans to spend more than $17bn on space and ground station projects by 2036, according to James Brown, chief executive of the Space Industry Association of Australia. This includes sovereign constellations of Military Satellite Communications and surveillance satellites and expanded ground stations to handle this increased volume of imagery and signals traffic.

The SSU should be shaped by these spending plans as well as by key lessons from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its cutting of Western access to some space assets, Brown says, particularly the importance of guaranteed access to space services.”

Full Article:

The Space Industry of Australia (SIAA)

The Space Industry of Australia is the national peak body for the space industry in Australia,
representing more than 600 members. Formed in 1992, SIAA hosted the 2017 International Astronautical
Congress in Adelaide which led to the establishment of the Australian Space Agency in 2018. SIAA and
its member companies work closely with Australian governments, international partners, academia, and
industry to advance Australia’s space industry and economy.