Moon to Mars Consultation – further sessions offered in Brisbane and Sydney

The Australian Space Agency is undertaking public consultations to inform the development of the $150 million Moon to Mars initiative, which will support Australian businesses and researchers to join NASA’s inspirational plan to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars.

The Australian Government announced the $150 million Moon to Mars initiative in September 2019. The program delivers $150 million to support Australian businesses and researchers to access international space supply chains, create jobs in Australia and support the growth of industries across the economy through the development and application of space technologies. Through this, Australian organisations will join with NASA and other international partners to bring Australian capabilities to space, the Moon, Mars and beyond. Funding is over a five year period, commencing 1 July 2020.

Sessions in Brisbane and Sydney already sold out, so further sessions are now being offered:

Moon To Mars Program Design Consultation Hobart