Media Release: Australia’s Lunar Mission

Media Release: Australia’s Lunar Mission

13 October 2021

The Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) welcomes the Australian Space Agency’s partnership with NASA to develop an Australian lunar rover. This is surprising, and exciting news which will provide Australia with a great opportunity to be closely involved in the most significant international space project of the next decade.

SIAA is closely engaged with the Australian Space Agency to understand the implications for existing Australian industry lunar projects and the impact upon the Agency’s Trailblazer program.

“Australia’s space industry has the technical capacity, workforce, and now the funding opportunity to go after these significantly complex international space projects. Australia’s existing industrial skills in remote and autonomous vehicle operations, as well as communications and engineering, can now be applied to the challenges of space. More importantly, this mission will help Australia become a spacefaring nation and directly inspire the students we will need to build an additional 20,000 Australian space jobs by 2030” said SIAA CEO James Brown.

Economic analysis in the United Kingdom and United States has shown that space investment has returned direct and indirect economic benefits four to seventeen times the initial outlay. Australia’s growing space investment positions the country to grasp the opportunities of a growing global space industry and protect against the risks of our modern economy being dependant on satellites and space services.

“Australia’s space industry has momentum. This partnership needs to be part of a broader commonwealth strategy to build our space economy, including a decision to establish our Space Agency as a fully funded statutory agency”.

SIAA’s CEO, James Brown, is available for further comment.




James Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Space Industry Association of Australia

The Space Industry of Australia is the national peak body for the space industry in Australia. Formed in 1992, SIAA hosted the 2017 International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide which led to the establishment of the Australian Space Agency in 2018. SIAA and its member companies work closely with Australian governments, international partners, academia, and industry to advance Australia’s space industry and economy.