Konecranes stargazing crane integral to new $97m Exmouth Space Surveillance Telescope facilities

A new AU$97.2 million Australian space surveillance project is receiving expert materials handling from Konecranes for the installation and maintenance of the main telescope and building.

Konecranes, which is a global leader in cranes and lifting equipment and service to a diverse range of industries, provided two CXT double-girder underslung cranes with lifting capacities of 15 and 20 tonnes, to safely and efficiently receive and install materials on the new Space Surveillance Telescope being installed in Exmouth, Western Australia.

The cranes were underslung (meaning the crane track was suspended from the ceiling) due to the compact spaces involved in the building, and due to lots of other structures that needed to be installed in the same tight space.

Additionally, one of the cranes had to be able to remain locked in position as the dome rotates, so that it could still perform all its usual functions at whichever angle the building is facing. The section of the building where the crane was attached is capable of rotating up to 17 degrees per second, with rate of rotation varying according to the telescope’s particular usage.

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