High School and Uni Students – join the JAXA robot challenge (deadline extended to 24 May 2020)

Emergency alert is activated!!

A meteor has crashed to the International Space Station (ISS) and the air is leaking out somewhere.

As a team, create your own program to operate the Astrobee and Int-ball and stop the ISS air leakage.

The JAXA Kibo-Robot Programming Challenge is calling on high school and university students. If you’re up for this FREE challenge, form a virtual team and register by 24 May 2020.

Entry Qualification

1. Australian high school students from 15 years old up to graduate school can apply for the competition. They must be enrolled in an Australian school or an Australian university.

2. A team is comprised of 3 or more members.

For more information about Kibo-RPC here.

How to enter the Kibo-RPC

1. Please read the Kibo-RPC Guidebook carefully.

2. Fill in the Application Form and await your username and password.

Jaxa Challenge