GRAVITY challenge

Have you registered? GRAVITY Challenge is a national technology innovation program for corporate entities, entrepreneurs and universities to design and build solutions to real industry, social and environmental problems using space data and capability.

GRAVITY Challenge brings together Corporate Challengers and Innovators to collaborate and create solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

In 2020 Challengers and Innovators can come from either Australia or the UK and all Challengers and Innovators will be able to work together to create new solutions, regardless of geographic location.

The 2020 GRAVITY Challenge will run around a new, nine-month structure, split into three phases, each 12 weeks long:

  1. Phase 1 – Challenges (Challengers and Innovators recruited and Challenges set)

  2. Phase 2 – Innovate (Innovators work to develop solutions, collaborating with Challengers)

  3. Phase 3 – Pilot (Ongoing support and mentoring to commercialise solutions)

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