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ADM Space Summit 2020 (Canberra)

Mar 20, 2020

The Australian Defence Magazine will host its 2nd Annual Space Summit on Wednesday 2 December 2020 at the Hyatt, Canberra. The Summit will focus on the Australian government’s continuing aim to develop an internationally competitive Space sector. The conference will hear from Government, Researchers, Defence and Industry as they consider the expansion, development and growth of…

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Smartsat Webinar: Challenges Of Putting A Payload In Orbit

SmartSat Webinar: Challenges of Putting a Payload in Orbit

Nov 27, 2020

Following the ASA’s Moon to Mars Demonstrator Feasibility Grant, this webinar addresses the challenges of putting a payload into orbit. Following on from the release of the Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars: Demonstrator Feasibility Grant, the SmartSat CRC are presenting a series of webinars focusing on highlighting the challenges and requirements to put a…

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Nov 16, 2020

In this interactive webinar, we will discuss existing SSA and sustainability related regulation and practices influencing the industry in Australia and overseas, from launch to spacecraft operation and end of life. We will explore opportunities for regulatory frameworks and best practices: guidelines, licensing processes, mitigation plans, launch regulations, codes of conduct, strategies for design, materials and deorbiting, and others.

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Uk Australia: Advanced Technology Space Applications Workshop

Australian Space Forum

Nov 25, 2020

Date to be confirmed. Further details to be advised.

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Australasia Satellite Forum

Nov 25, 2020

The future telecoms eco-system foresees very high-capacity networks enabling seamless connectivity to power vertical industries and deliver new applications and services that promise to transform the lives of users and businesses. With its reach, resilience Satellite technology is more relevant now than it has ever been before. The EMEA Satellite Operators Association and its members…

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