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Implications of the Artemis Accords for Australia [WEBINAR]

July 9 - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

How will Australia be affected by the Artemis Accords as both a Moon Agreement signatory & being committed to its own Moon to Mars program?

The Artemis Accords have been proposed by the US as a series of bilateral agreements to help facilitate human exploration of space, particularly the moon. These agreements are outside the treaty process that has till now governed space. With Australia committed to its own Moon to Mars program, and a signatory to the Moon Agreement, it will be more affected by the progress of the Artemis Accords than many countries. This workshop brings together a number of Australian stakeholders to discuss where Australia stands in this new environment.


  • Dr Cassandra Steer, Lecturer, ANU College of Law / Mission Specialist, InSpace


  • Prof Andrew Dempster, Director, Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research, UNSW Sydney
  • Prof Donald R. Rothwell, FAAL, Professor of International Law, ANU College of Law
  • Revd. Dr. Nikki Coleman, Chaplain (SQNLDR), Senior Chaplain Ethicist, Royal Australian Air Force
  • Donna Lawler, Principal, AZIMUTH Advisory, Space Law Specialists
  • Annie Handmer, PhD Candidate, Sydney University

For more details please see the ACSER website.