Australia’s first mission to the moon

Lunar Ascent, an industry-led consortium spearheaded by Space Machines Company and supported by Deloitte, is inviting all companies and related entities in the space industry to join this moon shot – to send the first Australian nanosatellites to orbit around the Moon in 2024 by providing a cost-effective and innovative rideshare opportunity for Australian commercial, scientific and educational payloads to access the moon, using Space Machines Company’s in-space transportation platform.

The consortium is building fast as partners and Lunar rideshare customers express their intent to be involved in this mission, including Saber Astronautics, Inovor Technologies and Sitael Australia. Industry consultation and engagement will continue until late March when the Mission will be officially launched.

Lunar Ascent will maximise the use of Australian capability and collaborate with international companies to achieve the mission goals, which are:

  • To build a national mission, aligned to industry and government objectives, to put payload of 60kg into useful lunar orbit in 2024
  • To enable a competitive and resilient space supply chain
  • To promote international collaboration and growth
  • To help grow Australian skills and jobs in space sector
  • To inspire and connect the Australian community to Australian space activities.

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