Australian Space Agency implementing partial cost recovery consultation

The Agency will be hosting an information session to discuss and answer questions on the partial cost recovery consultation on Friday 19 March.

The Australia Space Agency is conducting a consultation process to inform the amendment of the Space (Launches and Returns) (Insurance) Rules 2019 to implement cost recovery and to inform the development of a cost recovery implementation statement (CRIS).

The Australian Government has approved the introduction of partial cost recovery for the assessment of applications under the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018. Under the partial cost recovery model, work performed within the Agency will not be cost recovered, while work performed outside the Agency (by technical experts when required) will be cost recovered. This consultation seeks feedback on the proposed implementation of this decision.

Partial cost-recovery reflects the Australian Government’s cost recovery policy, while recognising the Government’s ambition to grow and transform the Australian space industry by absorbing costs incurred for work conducted within the Agency. A partial cost recovery model also recognises that recipients who create the need for a government activity, rather than the general public, should bear its costs. This is outlined in the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines.

Fees are expected to commence on 1 July 2021. The Agency will review the cost recovery model late in the 2021-22.

Consultation closes 12 April 2021.

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