Australian Space Agency Consultation – Mission Control Program Design

The purpose of the Australian Space Agency (the Agency) is to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that lifts the broader economy and improves the lives of Australians. The Space Infrastructure Fund (SIF) is a $19.5 million investment over three years from 2019-20 in seven infrastructure projects to drive the growth of Australia’s space sector.

The SIF specifically aligns with the National Civil Space Priority Areas and the national and international pillars identified in the Australian Civil Space Strategy. It targets seven infrastructure related projects, one of which is to design and build a Mission Control Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. The intended aim of the Mission Control Centre is to provide a platform for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers to control small satellite missions and to provide access to space-enabled data.

Opened on 3 September, closes on 24 September 20108

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