SIAA Australian Space Capability Database

SIAA Australian Space Capability Database

The Australian Space Capability Database is compiled and managed by the SIAA. The database consists of about 600 space related organisations in Australia with capabilities in multiple categories.

By submitting information about your organisation, you consent to SIAA disclosing that information (including the personal information of ‘key personnel’) to SIAA administration, SIAA members, SIAA listed organisations and other individuals or organisations approved by the SIAA in line with SIAA’s objectives and mission.

Upon your organisation’s information being listed in the database your organisation becomes a SIAA listed entity. Should you wish to update your organisation’s information, or remove your organisation from the database, you may do so at any time by accessing the link provided to you when registering or by clicking 'Request Access' above if you need the link to be re-sent.

For more information on your privacy rights, please see SIAA’s Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Please Note: you must be an Australian organisation or have a permanent presence in Australia to participate in the SIAA Australian Space Capability Database.

Inquiries about space capability in Australia should be sent to


Active Australian-based Organisations in the database: