ASA consultation sessions on new Rules

The Government passed the new Space Activities (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 last year and since then has been developing the subordinate legislation known as the ‘Rules’ which will provide the specific detail about the licensing processes and financial requirements for space activities going forward.

The Australian Space Agency (ASA) has just released the Draft versions of the Rules for public consultation and submission. The new Rules will be in three parts:

1) Space (Launches and Returns) (General) Rules 2019,
2) Space (Launches and Returns) (High Power Rocket) Rules 2019, and
3) Space (Launches and Returns) (Insurance) Rules 2019

These are available through the link in the ASA email, along with a general consultation paper on the Rules prepared by the ASA.

The closing date for public submissions on the new Rules is Friday 14 June 2019. The ASA plans to hold public information sessions about these new Rules in the major capital cities in late May – early June. Members can sign up to attend these sessions here.

Your Input
The SIAA will be preparing a comprehensive submission on the Rules coordinated by the Space Legislation Working Group and we welcome member input and comments in preparing this submission. (Note that members are free to make their own individual or corporate submission as well).

Please send any comments or input on the Draft Rules for consideration by the SIAA Space Legislation Working Group to for consideration of inclusion into the SIAA submission.

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