A message from Dr Megan Clark AC Head of the Australian Space Agency

Yesterday the Australian Space Agency issued this message to members of the Australian Space Industry…

“It is in tough times like this that we are guided by our purpose; to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that lifts the broader economy, and inspires and improves the lives of Australians.
We want to ensure that your activities in the space sector can continue to contribute to productivity and employment across the Australian economy throughout 2020. Yesterday, the Australian Government announced a safety net to cushion the economic impact of the Coronavirus and help build a bridge to recovery. The business.gov.au web site is a great resource to find financial assistance, eligibility and timing for the new Government support for Australian businesses.
Now more so than ever, as we are advised to self-isolate, we are also reminded of what space brings to our everyday lives. Essential data for banking, TV, GPS and internet access – so we can still connect, virtually to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues around the world.
Thank you to everyone who continues to work so hard to grow the Australian space industry. Our team are still here, moving to flexible working arrangements to help minimise the impact on critical and business as usual businesses processes.”

Australian Space Agency Support Services Panel Industry Briefing